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Guaranteeing Fuel Integrity from Pipeline to Pump

In an ongoing overview directed by Oil and Gas IQ, more than 200 downstream industry pioneers were gotten some information...

Fuel Authentication Case Study: Ghana


With a populace of just about 28 million, Ghana is...

Downstream Fuel Manipulation: Protecting Your Brand

Fuel manipulation can have a major impact on your revenue and brand reputation (and you might not even know it’s...

Digital Advancements Improve Fuel & Data Integrity — And Answer Tough Supply Chain Questions

Fuel integrity failures lead to significant revenue losses, brand damage, environmental pollution, poor vehicle performance...

Capable Fuel Supply Chain Management Just Makes Sense

Unlawful Fuel Trade,

Supply Chain Integrity and Technology

While tending...

Question - 1 : সে সব ছেলের মধ্যে ঝগড়া বাধিয়ে দিল |

a) He set all the boys by the ear.

b) He set all the boys by ears.

c) He set all boys by the ears.

d) He set all the boys by the ears.

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Question - 2 : Climate is a _ of the environment.

a) rank

b) situation

c) size

d) state

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Question - 3 : দয়া করে একটু সংযোগে থাকুন |

a) Hold the line please.

b) Held the line, please.

c) Hold the line, please.

d) Hold line, please.

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Question - 4 : He divided the money - the two children .

a) among

b) between

c) in between

d) over

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Question - 5 : পানামা খাল কোন মহাসাগরকে যুক্ত করেছে?

a) আটলান্টিক ও প্রশান্ত মহাসাগর

b) আটলান্টিক ও ভূমধ্যসাগর

c) ভারত ও প্রশান্ত মহাসাগর

d) প্রশান্ত মহাসাগর ও ভূমধ্যসাগর

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Question - 6 : The word 'culinary' is related to --

a) printing

b) dress

c) cooking

d) musical instrument

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Question - 7 : মানুষের গায়ের রং কোন উপাদানের উপাদানের উপর নির্ভর করে?

a) হিমোগ্লোবিন

b) ক্যলোরিন

c) থায়ামিন

d) মেলানিন

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Question - 8 : সে রামকে বলে বাইরে গেল |

a) He took Ram permission when he went out.

b) He took Ram’s permission when he went out.

c) He told Ram’s permission when he went out.

d) He took Ram’s permission when he go out.

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Question - 9 : If we want concrete proof, we are looking for -

a) building material

b) something to cover a path

c) clear evidence

d) a cement mixer

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Question - 10 : এটি আমাদের তরফ থেকে ছোট একটি প্রয়াস |

a) Here is a token of our appreciation.

b) Here is a token of our appreciations.

c) Here is a token to our appreciation.

d) Here is to token of our appreciation.

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