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Question - 1 : মায়া সভ্যতা বিশ্বের কোন অঞ্চলে বিরাজমান ছিল?

a) পূর্ব আফ্রিকা

b) মধ্য আমেরিকা

c) পূর্ব এশিয়া

d) মধ্যপ্রাচ্য

Right Answer: b) মধ্য আমেরিকা

Operational and data frameworks in a typical order and control condition

Framework administrators, for example, city open works divisions, building supervisors, air terminal, rail, port, and other transportation specialists, server farm administrators, and different associations share a typical arrangement of difficulties around giving protected and solid support of their clients. Maturing foundation, capital spending limitations, more tightly natural approaches, and dynamic security concerns strain the capacity of these administrators to meet the administration levels anticipated. While each sort of administrator conveys one of a kind assistance and incentive to their clients, each are gone up against with comparative framework challenges that keep them from settling on the most educated choices conceivable and optmising their tasks.

Most foundation administrators have not had the advantage of planning their data and operational frameworks to be interoperable from the beginning. Rather, most wind up with various frameworks initially intended to work in an independent mode for a particular reason. In any case, presently it is turning out to be certain that by binding together these frameworks – and giving more information and more setting for settling on order and control choices - tasks can be changed by separating these information storehouses. By using an arrangement of frameworks way to deal with coordinate operational and data innovation subsystems, a foundation administrator can make a solitary sheet of-glass direction and control arrangement that enables their staff to make quicker, progressively sure choices every day and expands reaction time in emergency situations.

Envision a city that has incorporated its water the executives, support activities, traffic the board, and utility client database through an arrangement of framework approach. This city could respond to a central conduit burst at a basic convergence via naturally dispatching work groups, sending alternate route notification to traffic data signs, refreshing buyer traffic applications with shut down streets warnings, and sending text-based notifications to just the affected water clients telling them that fixes are in progress and giving them an expected time of administration resumption.

Here in the Middle East area, a city's Drainage Network Operations and Maintenance Department was hoping to incorporate, oversee and enhance their advantages and tasks under one open stage that could coordinate with an assortment of programming, for example, CRM, EAM, and GIS. They were searching for an adaptable and lithe stage that would in the end be utilized to coordinate every one of the subsystems of the city into one stage. Basic business challenges included conveyed application storehouses, absence of IT/OT combination and low perceivability into the operational chain for prescient investigation.

This city went to AVEVA, who has conveyed the business' most famous observing and control answers for more than 30 years, to help them on an advanced change venture which would separate these information storehouses.

AVEVA's Unified Operations Center order and control arrangement use numerous capacities from their industry-driving arrangement of observing and control and resource execution arrangements. By using the improvement capacities, availability and versatility of Wonderware System Platform, the information stockpiling, mining, and perception abilities of Historian, Insight, Intelligence, and Dream Report, and the workforce the board abilities of Workflow, this city had the option to guarantee productive activity and support for the water treatment and lift stations in their water tasks, including various sewage, groundwater and treated water systems.

By joining forces with AVEVA, the city had the option to understand a few key advantages along their advanced change venture:

Diminished absolute expense of proprietorship through better framework joining approach

Improved resource accessibility, unwavering quality, use, and broadened valuable life expectancy

Improved client involvement in digitalization of procedures, data and correspondence

Lower execution costs with a market-driving, equipment skeptic brought together stage that gives a future adaptability way paying little respect to which extra frameworks must be coordinated into the arrangement sometime in the not too distant future

To get familiar with the intensity of binding together operational and data frameworks in a typical order and control condition, if it's not too much trouble visit AVEVA's Infrastructure site.