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Fuel Authentication Case Study: Ghana


With a populace of just about 28 million, Ghana is one of the quickest developing countries in Africa. It has moderate fuel charges contrasted with its neighbors and constrained fuel sponsorships. The legislature of Ghana found that the debasement of oil based commodities offered available to be purchased at retail outlets was corrupting the nature of the accessible stockpile, while denying the country of critical assessment income. Truth be told, pattern testing exhibited that 32% of fuel stations had in any event one tank demonstrating weakening. Government authorities evaluated that the duty misfortunes brought about on account of this corruption was more than USD 10 M every year. Ghana was in dire need of an answer for battle corruption of its oil based commodities and recuperate financial expense income that was painfully required for monetary advancement.


Since 2013, Authentix has been giving the Ghana National Petroleum Authority (NPA) with a fuel validation arrangement. The program's goals are diminishing disintegration in the nature of oil based commodities because of weakening and defilement while guaranteeing the suitable recuperation of monetary assessment incomes from the clearance of oil and diesel for traveler vehicles.

Full-burdened local energizes are set apart with a field quantitative marker for screening and weakening recognition, and a measurable marker for lab affirmation. Sponsored items are set apart to identify contaminated in household fuel. The Authentix arrangement is included the accompanying center parts:


Authentix LSX field analyzer distinguishes weakening of exhausted street energizes at fuel stations. Authentix MSX analyzer gives quantitative, criminological outcomes in a lab domain. MSX analyzers are likewise used to quantify the convergence of the MSX fuel marker that is added to fuel at the terminal with the LSX marker. MSX analyzers were put in provincial labs in the biggest urban communities in five locales of Ghana.


With the selection of the Authentix fuel confirmation program in Ghana, there has been a checked improvement in the nature of the fuel supply of the nation. Extra advantages include:

A 78% decrease in debasement of tested items

An expansion of extract charge assortment evaluated to be nearly USD 9 M every year

Improved natural and general medical advantages: In many cases, the adulterant used to weaken either gas or diesel influences the nature of the item bringing about vehicle motor disappointments and hurtful ecological outflows

The program was initially wanted to check two billion liters. Today, more than three billion liters of fuel is set apart, with proceeded decrease in stash and the safeguarding of valid, checked fuel available.

The program planned and actualized by Authentix has set up a global notoriety as a top tier fuel validation program in view of its nonstop improvement after some time, predictable increments in recouped volumes and duties of excisable and financed fills, and the decrease in the quantity of tests and retail outlets giving indications.