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Question - 1 : What is the plural number of 'ovum' -

a) ovams

b) ovumes

c) ova

d) ovums

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Question - 2 : যুক্তরাষ্ট্রে রপ্তানি বাণিজ্যের বৃহত্তম বাজার কোথায়?

a) ইইউ

b) ভারত

c) কানাডা

d) চীন

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Question - 3 : নিচের কোনটি যৌগিক কালের উদাহরণ নয়?

a) করছিলাম

b) করেছি

c) করছি

d) করব

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Question - 4 : হাই, আমি জন |

a) Hi, am I John.

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Question - 5 : তিনি কথা রাখেন না |

a) He does not keeping his word.

b) He does not keep his word.

c) He does not keep his words.

d) He does not keep to his word.

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Question - 6 : পুনর্ভবা, নাগর ও টাঙ্গন কোন নদীর উপনদী?

a) মহানন্দা

b) ভৈরব

c) কুমার

d) গড়াল

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Question - 7 : তার মা তাকে স্কুলে যেত দিলেন |

a) His mother let to him go school.

b) His mother let him goes school.

c) His mother let him go to school.

d) His mother let him go school.

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Question - 8 : . Y=3x+2,y=-3x+2 এবং y=-2দ্বারা গঠিত জ্যামিতিক চিত্রটি কোনটি হবে?

a) একটি বিষম বাহু ত্রিভুজ

b) একটি সমবাহু ত্রিভুজ

c) একটি সমকোনী ত্রিভুজ

d) একটি সমদ্বিবাহু ত্রিভুজ

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Question - 9 : সব কাজ শেষ! আপনার বিমান ভ্রমন শুভ হোক |

a) You’re all set Have a nice flight.

b) You’re all set! Have an nice flight.

c) You’re all set! Have a nice flight.

d) Your all set! Have a nice flight.

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Question - 10 : ১৩ সে মি ব্যাসার্ধের বৃত্তের কেন্দ্র হতে ৫ সে মি দূরত্বে অবস্থিত জ্যা এর দৈর্ঘ্য-

a) ১৬ সে মি

b) ১৮ সে মি

c) ২৪সেমি

d) ১২ সে মি

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Innovation Progression in Fuel Marking

Marked fuel providers started to utilize colorants in the 1950's as a way to show fuel type, evaluation, or brand in the downstream oil industry, and this methodology proceeds with wide-spread acknowledgment today. As fuel expenses and sponsorships came into utilization around the world, it was a simple augmentation to utilize this methodology as a sign of charges paid (or excluded).

The utilization of obvious and undercover colors and field units and gadgets to peruse them keep on being a spine of many fuel checking programs. They are generally economical and permit non-specialized work force, for example, police and income overseers to have some degree of fast field sign of illegal movement. This requirement work is normally upheld up by research center testing to affirm the character and measure of marker present in the energizes on the side of arraignment.

While visual colorants are minimal effort and effectively actualized, as duty markers they have a few detriments, including their simplicity of replication and expulsion from the fills. Likewise, in light of the fact that numerous powers have some inborn shading, visual assurance is made hard for some individuals, particularly those with some level of shading misperception.

Making Tests More Reliable

Markers advanced to incorporate progressively exclusive mixes, structured and produced for fuel stamping. To conquer the weaknesses of a human visual appraisal, machine clear highlights that are anything but difficult to utilize and give unambiguous outcomes were created. The use of convenient gadgets for investigation of fuel markers additionally empowered a progressively thorough quantitative examination, making weakening identification in the field increasingly dependable. Frameworks which use fluorescence (Forshee 2012) or absorbance (Banavali 2007) of imperceptible markers have been depicted. These gadgets are little, easy to utilize, and require next to no upkeep. Further improvements of these sorts of gadgets have prompted advanced fuel analyzers, equipped for breaking down different markers, in different fuel frameworks, with practically no administrator intercession to empower exact estimation. Combined with present day savvy gadgets, for example, telephones and tablets, these analyzers can give constant GPS confirmed outcomes and incorporate with applications to oversee work processes and information catch.

The Need for Quantitative Results

Since fuel honesty programs are regularly initiated to meet a wide scope of targets, every usage is unique. For instance, a nation may decide to convey a "national marker" program, showing that the sum total of what assessments have been completely paid on powers. Basically, the marker fills in as a "concoction charge stamp" for all burdened energizes. In this sort of arrangement, reviewers will be searching for the weakening of the completely burdened fuel because of the expansion of a lower-exhausted or redirected oil based goods, which don't contain a marker. For this situation, precision of a quantitative outcome is central. To keep up program respectability, it is fundamental that the security of the marker is kept up with ordinary reviews to keep up program uprightness.

Another ordinary application is the place a nation needs to ensure the utilization of financed oil based commodities that can be utilized outside of their expected sponsored showcase. For this situation, the powers would should be treated with washing safe markers to keep crooks from conceivably evacuating the markers to anticipate location. The basic nearness of the marker in a non-financed fuel application could be sufficient to show unlawful action, lessening the requirement for quantitative outcomes on the test.

Field versus Central Laboratory Testing

Some have pushed a "legal test" in the field approach. Such a methodology requires "compact" instruments that need help (for example power, gases, and ecological control) from the vehicle wherein they are mounted. This methodology can confine the quantity of testing frameworks conveyed because of cost of the stage that incorporates a vehicle and the related help. Moreover, sending a scientific test into the field instead of playing out the test under research facility controlled conditions is yet to be guarded in courts, where the methodology may discover impressive difficulties.

In the research facility, GC-MS is utilized for examination of fuel markers for more than twenty years to give unequivocal scientific level help of fuel checking program authorization. Markers intended to misuse GC-MS offer complete legal proof of the beginning and state of a fuel. The markers are secret and strong, impervious to washing operators, and agreeable with the most stringent natural guidelines. The investigation is exact, with breaking points of location in the low parts per billion (or lower in certain fills) and generally excellent exactness and accuracy, tantamount to +/ - 1% on the logical technique itself.

The Right Solution for the Right Outcome

Fuel checking advances have developed from the utilization of colorants and colors to incognito markers and machine clear highlights. Field convenient analyzers have incredibly expanded the exactness of implementation, and diminished the weight on staff by making test results authoritative and quantitative. Markers have gotten progressively vigorous and impervious to washing and meet the most stringent ecological, wellbeing and security guidelines. At long last, the advancement of ground-breaking research facility controlled measurable atomic marker sets dependent on GC and GC-MS have reinforced the lawful remaining of these projects, empowering government offices to implement laws that secure endowments and charges on oil based commodities.